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Welcome to the Satya Presence Center of Ayurveda and Yoga. We are located in the south of France, in a calm and greeny place near Valence. Beatrice and Didier offer Ayurvedic cures. They will be happy to welcome you.
Ayurveda France Members, the association of professionnals in Ayurveda


The main propose of Ayurveda is to enlighten one’s own nature, understand it in order to develop one’s natural ability to keep oneself in balance, to rediscover the intelligence of the body and mind.

If we do not respect our nature, we increase the breeding ground for imbalances.
Ayurveda is there to support the ’life force’ of each individual in a concern for balance and respect for oneself, others and everything around us.
In a word, it means supporting ’Life’, respecting the air, the water, the earth... everything that is alive.

HOW? }

What we do on a daily basis is essential: diet, lifestyle, pace of life, physical exercise, natural remedies.....
Learn to use these tools to improve your health and vitality.
Ayurveda teaches us a way of life that helps us to maintain health and balance in body and mind.


Everyone can be interested in Ayurveda. Anyone who wants to understand how they function on all levels.
Ayurveda is universal, for everyone, and has been developing for around 5000 years.....
Ayurveda does not replace medical treatment or follow-up by a doctor.

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Béatrice et Didier MARIN
11 Rue Charles COMBE
Tel: 07 88 16 98 39

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