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We offer ayurvedic cures lasting 3,5 or 7 days. Each cure is unique according your constitution, your needs, and the season.
it is a time for you, in order to rest body and your mind, to regenerate. Ayurvedic cures are offered nearly round, but the most appropriate seasons are spring and autumn.


At the beginning of the cure, we hold an assessment session to determine the program.
Each day begins with a yoga session, ayurvedic cares (about 2H30 a day) followed by meditation or relaxation.
Food is vegetarian and organic, according to ayurvedic principles.
You can takes walks in the nature around the center or in the garden.
rest is very important.


Accommodation in individual studio for one person or couple with small lounge and bathroom, the house includes a lounge with library, dining room, several patios and a restful garden.

The meals are prepared with organic products, vegetarians according to the principles of Ayurveda.


It is not recommended to come to cure if you have fever, colds, influenza state and serious infection.
Advice and care are not medically and do not replace medical treatement.

Program example

Example of a program, it can be modulated

day 1 day 2 day 3
Morning Bilan / Yoga / cares Yoga / cares Yoga / cares
Midi lunch lunch lunch
early afternoon rest rest / free rest / free
late afternoon care / Méditation care / Méditation care / Méditation / Bilan
evening lunch lunch lunch


Includes various Ayurvedic treatements (massage, shirodhara, marmas, pads, steam....) Yoga, meditation/relaxation, oils, meals and accommodation, workshops.
150€ per day


Nature is part of our life.We grew out of the seed, the earth, and we are part of all that. But we are rapidly losing the sense that we are animals like the others.