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« Vedic » Astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga, derived from the Vedas, are tools for a better understanding of oneself at the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual « levels »

Indian astrology or Jyotish means "light" in Sanskrit. As a ’light’ for self understanding. Without the light of the Sun, there is no life. This sun "gives life" to the other planets and sets our system in motion.
In correspondence, "this inner sun" also sets us in motion. Thus, the planets and their different energies and representations, symbols, enlighten us.
The 12 signs of the zodiac are used as well as the lunar constellations, these constellations (Nakshatra) are unique to this astrology and offer great depth and precision.
We study the natal chart but also the harmonic charts (Vargas) which allow a precision and depth in the synthesis of the interpretation.
The position of the planets in the chart really corresponds to the reality of the sky ; it is a sidereal astrology.
One indication in the chart does not allow a "truth" but several indications are necessary to confirm a tendency.
The use of planetary periods in addition to transits gives a timing on the different moments or energies that are unfolding.

A force de sacrifier l’essentiel pour l’urgent, On fini par oublier l’urgence de l’essentiel.

Edgar Morin