ayurvedan drome, massage, cure, yoga



Massages works to balance our own harmony by working on the 5 elements.
each massage is made according to:
 the person
 the season

Noms ayurvedic care tariff
snehana oil massage for Vata 60 €
Atreya-Abhyanga oil massage for all body 60 €
vishesh massage 60 €
udvartana massage with dry powder 55 €
pinda svedana massage with herbs 70 €
shirodhara oil on the heat 70 €
kansu massage for feet 35 €
nadi svedana local sweat 30 €
marmas circulation points 60 €
bashpa sweat bath 10 €
kati, Manya basti massage for the back 40 €
uro basti massage for the chest 30 €
prana energetic massage 20 €
formule massage/vapeur massage and sweat 65 €

Advice and care are not medically and do not replace medical treatment


The transformation of the world is brought about by the transformation of oneself, because the self is the product and part of the total process of human existence.