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About us

Béatrice et Didier Marin associed their knowledge. Yoga and Ayurveda is art of being, with an awareness of each moment.


After studing psychology in University, she discovered Ayurveda and studied at the European Institute of Vedic Studies with Atreya Smith. She then completed her studies in the Ayurveda clinic of Dr Joshi in India as well as with Vincent Marechal


Had a biologist formation and sport teacher, when he began to study yoga with Shri Mahesh. He obtained his yoga teacher’s diploma in 2002.

Pets of family

We like nature and life, we have our mascots: Hridaya a bernese mountain dog and two cats...Ayur and Veda.


Remaining stable in one’s own state of being, Purusha, the soul, witnesses Prakriti, the creation

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